• Administration Policy
        • Waste management
        • Confidentiality and Medical Practices.

                 Eye Care Community & Research Centre is governed by the Board of Directors, any administrative is issues of the hospital including recruitment and any major policy matters are in the hands of the Board of Directors.

    1. The Administrative hierarchy of Eye Care Community & Research Centre is as under :
      1. The Board of Director is the apex body of Eye Care Community & Research Centre
      2. The Managing Director is recruited by BOD. He/ She is the Head Employee of Eye Care Community & Research Centre
      3. The unit head are the reporting officers for the subordinate staff in the hierarchy
      4. The contracting period and the remuneration for the employee in the setting will be revised from time to time as and when felt necessary by the Board of Directors ( Hereinafter may be referred as BOD )

                   2. WASTE MANAGEMENT :

    1.                 Eye Care Community & Research Centre will strictly follow Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998 and any other rules as laid down by the government it will comply with the environment (protection) Act, 1986. Details of the Said rules are Annex herewith in Annexure 1


    1.         Eye Care Community & Research Centre believes that patients have an ethical and legal right to the confidentiality of their medical status and record. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to allow others to access to a patient’s record only with the patient’s consent. In the absence of exceptional circumstances, explicit consent must be obtained. However in certain serious medical situations, the doctrine of implied consent allows it to be assumed that a patient would provide consent if that patient were competent, even though the patient is incapable of communicating consent.

                     Maintaining Integrity of the Medical Record 

    1.         All patient data will become part of the patient’s medical record at Eye Care Community & Research Centre. This is necessary to document the basis for decisions that are made in the emergency department. These data will be permanently and clearly labeled as having been obtained with patients or guardian consent.

                    Breaches of Confidentiality 

    1.         Any employees of Eye Care Community & Research Centre who may have inappropriate obtained access to patient information or disclose the patient medical status unnecessarily shall be seriously taken such breach of confidentiality will be considered as a serious disciplinary offence and may lead to dismissal.
    1.                 Staff must not under any circumstances disclose patient information to anyone outside the Practice, except to other health professionals on a need to know basis or where the patient has provided written consent    
    1. Staff must not under any circumstances disclose other confidential information about the Practice to anyone outside the Practice unless with the express consent.
    1.         Staff should limit any discussion about confidential information only to those who need to know within the Practice.
    1.         Staff must take particular care that confidential information is not transmitted in error by email or over the internet.
    1.         Staffs who suspect a breach of confidentiality must inform the Managing Director immediately.
    1.         Staff remains bound by the requirement to keep information confidential even if they are no longer employed at the Practice.


    1. Following activities are being covered:
    • Free Eye Camp
    • School Eye Screening Programme
    • Eye Banking activities
    • Oculoplasty & Botox Clinic
    • Diabetic Retinopathy & Glaucoma Screening
    • Developing of infrastructures for Medical Retina Treatment.
    • Organizing CME Programme
    • Ongoing research & clinical studies on various topics.
Yours faithfully,
Managing Director
 Eye Care Community & Research Centre
Zarkawt. Aizawl